Friday, March 7, 2014

Rimmel matte Kate lipstick swatches

I just wanted to show you guys a swatch of the Rimmel Matte Kates lipsticks by Kate Moss, Here i am testing out the one in the red tube there are two swates of two different colors here, and as you can see they are extremely beautiful. I also picked up a nude one in the black tube so if you wanted to see some swatches or get a review on that one feel free to let me know.

If you are looking for great long lasting lipstick check out
check out my review on Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Makeup ideas and inspiration//Top ten most creative makeup looks on the internet.

Thinking outside the box//Get creative with your makeup look!

Whether you are considering makeup artistry school and looking to build a makeup portfolio, or are the writer for a beauty blog, a growing youtuber or just someone who likes to "think outside the box" a little with your makeup choices. Sometimes we get a little stumped for ideas when it comes to creative looks. I decided to put together a top 10 list of most creative makeup ideas on the internet (from the ones i can find).

I am going to pick two from each category of: creative every day makeup, wedding makeup, theatrical makeup, special affects makeup, editorial/fashion makeup.

Starting with Editorial looks:

1. The first editorial look i think is super creative and different if you were looking for someone creative for a starting out portfolio or a look to do for a blog post of youtube video i think this on would get a fine amount of views.

2. This next look came out in Vogue Paris 2012. I think it is quite creative as i have never seen much else quite like it, you know that your are a stellar makeup artist when you can make a full face of colour look gorgeous.

Now for Everyday makeup...
 3. This look may be seen as a little more editorial to some but i think on the right girl it would look fantastic. The look is described as a look for blue eyes but if you know how to choose eye shadows based on the color wheel  you would see that this would work gorgeously for brown eyes as well.
4. I love this fresh natural dewy look for everyday. so gorgeous! I was trying to keep every look more on the creative spectrum but for everyday wear i had to include this freshness.
  • The main items she is wearing here to pull this fresh look off  is a dewy foundation, so avoid words; (Mattifying, stay matte, matte foundation etc.) because it will be a lot harder to pull off that dewy glow that the model has in this picture. It also looks like she has a light pop off purple on her lids as well as a light pink in her crease, i light pink natural looking blush and a nude pink lip.

5. Wedding makeup. I find this look so clean and pretty, your wedding i think should be a day to let your natural beauty shine. This look would also look beautiful as a regular day time look as well.

6. second wedding makeup look.

7. My two favorite theatrical makeup looks are:
First this eye makeup look i think it is really creative, and even looks great with an insect included.

8. I'm not sure why i love this one so much but i do, it is really creative and really say "theater"

Now for special effects makeup i went with the more scary/ creepy special effects makeup i'm sure you will be super creaped out my the first which i came across on pinterest.

Like gosh that is creepy!!

10. and finally number 10 this one appeared in makeup artist mag and looks pretty amazing.

I Hope you enjoyed, or got some ideas Comment and let me know your favorite.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Quo ultimate eyes collection pallet

Bonjour Beautyful readers, today I am writing to share my thoughts on Quo's Ultimate eyes collection pallet.  Quo is a Canadian shoppers drug mart beauty boutique brand. The shoppers drug mart beauty boutique is one of the main places us Canadian girls go to get out favorite products, high end and drug store. You are probably assuming that if it is a drug store it is probably mostly drug store brands, which isn't the case My local shoppers drug mart has an amazing high end section. They have a section for drug store makeup and it's own section for high end. Quo is the brand that they own and brought to life, and which is only sold in the Shoppers drug mart beauty boutiques here in Canada.


I am going to start off by reviewing packaging since it is probably the first thing you will notice when picking up this item. As you see above it is super pretty, It's hardware is cardboard like a lot of the pallets on the market right now, which i personally really like the design of. One this that is really great is that unlike a lot of the other pallets of this nature it has a little elastic band that you can use to keep the pallet close securely.

Aesthetics: ****

Durability: ****


What you get:

In this pallet you get six shimmer and matte powdered eye shadows as well as 2 cream shades, and surprisingly an actually pretty decent little mini brush. 


Overall i do like this product, but i wouldn't say i am absolutely inlove with it I really like the packaging, the color selection, the little look idea section on the inside,but some of the colors really aren't all the pigmented. The coppery/brown type color on the top right it's really beautiful and pigmented, the bottom cream textured shadows on the bottom left and right are gorgeously pigmented but the lighter colors like the top left cream shade and the pink really don't payoff all that well, they definitely have a much lower color payoff compared to say the stila in the know, in the lights and in the moments pallets but we do also have to consider the price as well this pallet is $22 where as the Stila pallets are $50 here in Canada so keeping that in mind it is still a pretty good pallet. I usually keep it on hand for the upper brown/coppery shade, the black and purple and the creams I would use those as well when I would be going for a look like that.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Benefit Fine-one-one 2 in 1 Cheek and lip stick

Don't we all love saving money, space and time? if you are like me and love the idea then you will love the next new product by Benefit Cosmetics Fine-one-one sheer brightening color for cheeks & lips
The product comes in a gorgeous bronze medal tube and has 3 colors inside one orangy coral color, sheer water melon, and pink champagne intended for the high light (shades shown below)

I really have no complaints with this product as a blush which is why i wanted to share it with you. I really love the color texture and packaging. It really does seem and feel like the high end product that it is. 

The only issue or semi-negative comment that i have is personally for me it really isn't that great as a lip color it is AMAZING for a blush but if you have even semi dry lips, those dry lips will be really noticeable. The product isn't as moisturizing as a lip balm, gloss or lip stick so if you are prone to dry lips i would take a pass on this one for those days. If you have exfoliated thoroughly I would give it a try, because i noticed on my top lip which isn't as dry it is really quite pretty. My bottom on the other hand which is a little more chapped as it is winter where i live does not glide on or look nearly as great as the parts of my lips that aren't chapped.


I really love the texture of this product it is really creamy and smooth, it really glides on your skin smoothy and even. Definitely a winning product with texture.


I am absolutely INLOVE with this packaging look at how adorable it is. I love the pretty box, love the little "push up" tube it comes it if you look at this picture here below you can see how there is a little rolling gear, you roll for the product to come up, which is super functional and clever. The size is pretty perfect as well. It is super easy to just throw in my makeup "carry with me" The cap is not coming off, no little bits of lint or anything like that is getting inside of the case. The package is super protective so you also are not crushing or worrying about cracking you blush like you are with most powders blushes, so i have absolutely so complaints with packaging if you are looking for 2in1
Durability+cuteness I think you may have found it!
Durability: *****  
Aesthetics: ***** 
When it comes to Aesthetics Benefit is always in the lead in my opinion. they really seem to have it "on point" with their packaging you spend a little time on there website and you wish you were rich enough to buy 5 of everything. 

I gave Benefit a 5 star rating for durability my reasoning is.. I really don't think there is anything substantial that could get any better, I mean our product is safe, the package probably won't open and make you loose half of your product  The packaging is a hard plastic so as long as you are not whipping it at a wall, I think it will be fine, but even honestly i think even if you did get mad and fling it at the wall..I think even then it would be okay. Not that this is a everyday occurrence to bring up in a product review.....

I also gave benefit a 5 star rating for Aesthetics  originally i was about to only give a 4 star, but then i realized i wasn't giving them a 4 star because there was anything wrong with the aesthetics of the packaging i just sort of said to my self 5 star? is this the best possible packaging ever is it your absolute favorite type of design, or one of the best ones you have seen? I thought definitely one of them.. I just thought maybe there would be others that my taste would like particularly well, but for this design style it is definitely gorgeous and worth a 5 star rating. especially since the only reason  i was giving it a 4 star was because i thought maybe there are different design styles that i would like better. I couldn't think of anything particular and with this type of design it would probably be one of my favorites if not my favorite. 

Swatch time!

How to use:

Apply from the apple of your cheek up to your temple with the light high light shade facing up, then blend in with your finger tips. You can also apply with a foundation brush or which ever brush you enjoy using cream makeup with and then blend it out with either the brush or your fingers. I would use this technique if you are applying makeup on someone other than yourself, or if you intend on sharing the tube. When i first started using this I would just rub the product on my finger tips then having it all equally mixed i would then apply just on the apples of my cheeks, making it look super natural and as if i am naturally blushing.

Price: 30.00


 8.0 g Net wt. 0.28 oz


Overall i really love this product, it is a really great cream to powder formula. I find it wears very naturally i can apply this and have just the perfect more pink or more coral blushing beauty type look :)
I would definitely recommend.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. 

If you would like to try this amazing hot item or anything else visit the benefit website.

Saturday, December 14, 2013



So i have been nominated 3 times now so i thought i would finally get around to answering the questions.
The liebster award is an award given out to the best blogs (in the nominators opinion) with under 200 GFC followers. The purpose is to network, give new great blogs the chance for extra exposure, as well as finding new blogs to follow and love etc.

First nomination was from: Nancy at and her questions were....

 1. What product would you love to try?

I would like to try the Bobbi brown Old Hollywood Eye Palette but it is like 87$ for like 9 shade which seems a little steep.

2. What is your favourite drugstore product?

Fave drug store product currently would probably be the Wet and wild pallet shown below.

3. What is your favourite high-end product?

Fave high end product currently would probably be my Clinique stay matte foundation,
or lancome gloss inlove lipgloss.

4. What is the one thing you wouldn't leave the house without wearing on your face?

I always end up multi-tasking and doing my makeup at school.

5. One talent? 

hmm.. I picked up design quite easily, and my boyfriend says massaging lol

6. How has your summer been?

Really nice i think, i spent all summer in a hotel in a really pretty little town with a lake with my boyfriend he was working there,

7. What phone do you currently have?

 HTC and hate it

8. Favourite book?

hhm, Telling christina goodbye, to be honest i haven't read to many books lately i mostly read blogs and articles things like that. anything true, i like reading real info unless the fiction is really amazing. I think i just haven't gotten around to it, and that needs to change.

9. Favourite blog?

 hmm... I like a lot but i will say the beauty department but that's a hard one

10. What is your pets name? 

If you don't have a pet, what animal would you get and what would you name it? I would get a golden retriever his name would be like a person name lol.

11. What do you like most about yourself?

I'm a big dreamer.

Second nomination was from: Courtney at and her questions were...

  1. What would your dream house look like? I have always imagined building and designing my own house, like there are a lot of details, that would take too long to type out lol but it would be very modern i think
  2. When is your birthday? Feb.1/1993
  3. What is your most worn accessory? My pearl earrings and my turquoise bag which i am having difficulties reading the brand name, it is a Canadian designer.
  4. What is your favourite thing to do in Summer? Late night bomb fire, camping, boating,swimming camp activities
  5. What are you most proud of? If we are talking about my blog, then i am most proud of getting on the ''Top 48 Cosmetics and Beauty Blogs list, which Michelle Phan and some other big vlogger and bloggers were on, who have been doing this for years, so i was pretty proud of that.
  6. Do you have a favourite perfume you wear ALL the time?Not really i mix it up
  7. What is your best memory? Waking up Christmas mornings
  8. What was your first car, or a car you would love to have?  I would love to have a audi quattro 2010
  9. Cats or Dogs?Dogs
  10. What subjects did you take for your GCSE'S?We don't have that here in Canada
  11. What is your favourite eye makeup product? Currently my stila Masterpiece series eye and cheek pallets

Next questions are from Sara @ Sara's Cafe:

1) Do you like reading and if so what genre/s do you usually go for? 

I need to start reading more, but normally i just read blogs, Magazines, research, I enjoy true stories, something where i am actually learning something. 

2) Do you consider yourself as more of a "wing it" kind of person or do you like to have everything planned?

 it depends on what we're talking about lol

3) What is the biggest accomplishment you have reached so far? 

In what, with my blog, with my life, in school? This is a big question so i will answer with my blog. I think one of the biggest accomplishments for my blog was when, I was awarded one of the Top Beauty and Cosmetic Blogs on the Internet by

4) What inspires you and motivates you to continue blogging? 

I love it

5) Why do you blog? Is there a climax you wish to reach one day or do you think one day at a time? 

There is a climax i which to reach but it won't be like okay here is my goal, now stop, i will always having a higher goal.

6) What was your favourite toy as a child and do you still have it? 

I loved my big springy pony thing, lol and my pink four wheeler and no i still own neither. 

7) What is one thing that you cannot live without? 

There is deff more than one thing does this mean like beauty related or one thing period? if one thing period, there are a lot of things

8) If you had to be a book or movie character for a day which one would you choose?

 hmm I have real people i would love to be for a day instead of fictional, like maybe Kim Kardashian or someone lol, or bobbi Brown because she has accomplished the things i am working towards.

9) Which is your favourite movie or series? 

Oh my these are hard questions i have quite a few, it always changes i like the star wars movies lol like the new ones i like the last air bender nerdy movies lol.

10) What do you think makes your blog worth reading? 

I am a soon to be makeup artist, and i am always trying to learn new things myself to share this readers, i always like to have valuable useful information.

11) Which, in your opinion, is your strongest point? (It could be from your character, appearance, etc)

 I think it would be wrong to say appearance lol, so character.

And now my questions are....You can choose the set of questions you wish to answer!

1. What attracts you most to a blog?
2.Who is your favorite youtuber and why?
3.What is a beauty product, you would not recommend to a friend?
4. A beauty product you would recommend to a friend? 
5.Who is your favorite funny youtuber?
6.Who is your beauty Inspiration or role model?
7. Is there anyone who inspires you, and who maybe has done the things you wish to achieve, anyone who you can say "wow she has achieved everything i hope to achieve. At least i know its possible" Career wise.
8.What is your dream career?
9.What do you plan to do for a career in the future/what are you going to school for, or aiming for? or if you are already in your career what do you do?
10. Did you choose a career that you are extremely passionate about, or did you choose something that you know seems to be a good job?
11.What inspired you to start your blog?

1.What is one beauty product that has been a "go to" product for you, for quite some time?
2.If you can have one thing that you don't own, Right now!! what would it be?
3.Name one main thing that you are hoping to get for a holiday present? (Christmas Hanukkah Kwanzaa)
4.Is there anything that you are excited for, and if so what is it?
5.What is a big dream of yours?
6.What makes you motivated to write your blog
7.Favorite season?
8.What is your dream job
9.What are you going to school for?
10.Whats in your carry with you makeup bag?
11.What attracts you to a blog?

MY Favorite blogs under 200 followers are:
4.Rachell From