Hi! I'm Kat, I'm a Canadian Style blogger and digital/social media marketing specialist, and this is my space on the internet where I write about topics like Fashion, Makeup, Hair, and dating to life journeys like heading off to college and finding your first apartment. This has been one of my favorite hobbies. 

I love creating content so much so that i later made a career out of it as a Digital and social media marketing specialist and it all started from here.

I love my family, my beautiful man, my job and networking and meeting new people from around the world through my blog, which has been perhaps one of the main reasons why I've enjoyed writing this blog. It's always fun networking and meeting like-minded girls who are interested in the same things that I am.

If you ever have any questions regarding this blog, or perhaps even unrelated to this blog i'm happy to help..Even if you're just wanting to meet a new friend!


Since this blog i have ventured to new places that i wouldn't have found without this blog. 
Through this blog i got really into Graphic design which later led me to where I am now which is a photographer in Sudbury Ontario. I had wanted to be a photographer when I was a little kid so it's pretty interesting that that's where I ended up.
I have been specializing in maternity photography as well as fine-art portrait photography and really enjoy what i do, i am going to continue updating this blog as much as i can in the future, for now i started a new blog over on my photography website, so if you'd ever like to check it out or view some of my work stop in and visit me at my Laura Ann Photography photography blog

Hope to see you there and keep an eye out for future posts because i really want to start revamping and re-posting on this blog and pretty much do a complete overhaul because the photos on here are pretty wack lol.