Sunday, August 18, 2013

Seacret Mud Mask and Dead Sea salt scrub REVIEW Part 2


Now we are at my Favorite of the Seacret skin care line, which is why i decided to write about these two together and also because I use them together. 
I have been using the scrub on it's own almost obsessively when i first got  it because i loved how soft it made my legs and skin where ever i used it, before i had started using this i was using the st.ives exfoliator and that one also i was using every shower but since i got this one i had been doing that with this. 

The scrub is actual salt, it is not just the name when I had used it on my face to exfoliate and scrub off the access mud mask [above] i had gotten a bit in my mouth and it was super salty and not the usual product ''eww ew eww get it out of my mouth, tastes like a soap punishment taste'' but actual salt. with that being said it actually smells awesome, which i wouldn't really expect from something that tasted like salt. and like i have said in my previous Seacret post, I am not usually a fan of anything scented going on my body other than a light scent like dove soap for example but a perfume is a no no as it makes my skin really itchy, but this isn't a perfume type scent it is more like a Dove or soapy scent, it does not irritate at all.

I will definitely keep using this and i would recommend this to a friend, who is looking for a new great more natural exfoliator, and loves spa products. I feel like almost anyone enjoys these type products I remember being in the mall one day and this lady walking up to me asking me if she can exfoliate my arms, and it worked amazingly and those were spa products which i don't remember the name of but i always remembered that because of how good they worked, well this exfoliator reminded me slightly of that, so if you love a great spa product like to exfoliate i would recommend this to you. I was going to do a pros and cons but i cannot think of anything really to con. I am pretty positive towards it. 

Now the Mask BEST Mask I have ever used, far better than any drugstore mask i have tried, It looks very muddy, a muddy texture, it looks like the Masks in the movies, the type you would be wearing cucumbers with. Where you use it, it does burn but that is only the sensation of it digging deep into your pores and working, I applied evenly to my fave with a popsicle stick, once applied i sat and left it on for about 15 to 20 min, or until it was fully hardened to my face, It hardens well also.
If you are not able to move your face, this is normal. Mine started stinging i would say about halfway through not so intense to the point it is un-tolerable more like a tingling, product sting sensation, like something you would get from A using a mask or a strong toner during a break out, [a little stronger than the toner], tolerable and just enough to notice. If you are having this sting, I do not think there is a need to run and take it off, you are not allergic  it is just the Mask doing it's job(unless of course it got to an intense point of not being able to tolerate, for me it was just the stinging product sting sensation)
I have read other reviews on this product, and the reviewer mentioned the same sensation.

After the Mask dried i started removing with warm water as much as i could, then with the sea salt scrub on a damp cloth,  I exfoliated and got rid of any excess, I then re-washed my face with cold water to close up my pores.
 Immediately after i wasn't drastically noticing to the point i was touching my face and hugly noticing, but by that night ESPECIALLY after really exfoliating, I can tell my face was really soft and smooth, I couldn't stop showing it off to my boyfriend, by telling him to touch my face.
So for this product i will definitely keep using once or twice a week, that is more than enough for a mask and i will report back in the comment section, or update if after a long period of time using i have anything to add. You can find the Seacret Dead sea minerals products on their  --->WEBSITE <--- Happy reading :)
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My face was stuck here, i couldn't really smile, sorry if i frightened you lol