Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Makeup ideas and inspiration//Top ten most creative makeup looks on the internet.

Thinking outside the box//Get creative with your makeup look!

Whether you are considering makeup artistry school and looking to build a makeup portfolio, or are the writer for a beauty blog, a growing youtuber or just someone who likes to "think outside the box" a little with your makeup choices. Sometimes we get a little stumped for ideas when it comes to creative looks. I decided to put together a top 10 list of most creative makeup ideas on the internet (from the ones i can find).

I am going to pick two from each category of: creative every day makeup, wedding makeup, theatrical makeup, special affects makeup, editorial/fashion makeup.

Starting with Editorial looks:

1. The first editorial look i think is super creative and different if you were looking for someone creative for a starting out portfolio or a look to do for a blog post of youtube video i think this on would get a fine amount of views.

2. This next look came out in Vogue Paris 2012. I think it is quite creative as i have never seen much else quite like it, you know that your are a stellar makeup artist when you can make a full face of color look gorgeous.

 Everyday makeup...
 3. This look may be seen as a little more editorial to some but i think on the right girl it would look fantastic. The look is described as a look for blue eyes but if you know how to choose eye shadows based on the color wheel  you would see that this would work gorgeously for brown eyes as well.

4. I love this fresh natural dewy look for everyday. so gorgeous! I was trying to keep every look more on the creative spectrum but for everyday wear i had to include this freshness.
  • The main items she is wearing here to pull this fresh look off  is a dewy foundation, so avoid words; (Mattifying, stay matte, matte foundation etc.) because it will be a lot harder to pull off that dewy glow that the model has in this picture. It also looks like she has a light pop off purple on her lids as well as a light pink in her crease, i light pink natural looking blush and a nude pink lip.

5. Wedding makeup. I find this look so clean and pretty, your wedding i think should be a day to let your natural beauty shine. This look would also look beautiful as a regular day time look as well.
6.So pretty and fresh. Your husband to be wants to see your face so enhance instead of hide. Even though you may be wearing the same amount of makeup...sssshhh know one needs to know that. Go for a fresh style. Try a dewy foundation. (but avoid spf if you will be photographed, as we all know by now.)

7. My two favorite theatrical makeup looks are:
First this eye makeup look i think it is really creative, and even looks great with an insect included.
8. I'm not sure why i love this one so much but i do, it is really creative and really say "theater"

Now for special effects makeup i went with the more scary/ creepy special effects makeup i'm sure you will be super creeped out my the first which i came across on pinterest.
Like gosh that is creepy!!
10. and finally number 10 this one appeared in makeup artist mag and looks pretty amazing.

I Hope you enjoyed, or got some ideas Comment and let me know your favorite.
*Disclaimer: None of the photographs in this post belong to me, they all belong to the photographer, company or amazing artist. Found on varies internet spaces.