Saturday, January 25, 2014

Quo ultimate eyes collection pallet

Bonjour Beautyful readers, today I am writing to share my thoughts on Quo's Ultimate eyes collection pallet.  Quo is a Canadian shoppers drug mart beauty boutique brand. The shoppers drug mart beauty boutique is one of the main places us Canadian girls go to get out favorite products, high end and drug store. You are probably assuming that if it is a drug store it is probably mostly drug store brands, which isn't the case My local shoppers drug mart has an amazing high end section. They have a section for drug store makeup and it's own section for high end. Quo is the brand that they own and brought to life, and which is only sold in the Shoppers drug mart beauty boutiques here in Canada.


I am going to start off by reviewing packaging since it is probably the first thing you will notice when picking up this item. As you see above it is super pretty, It's hardware is cardboard like a lot of the pallets on the market right now, which i personally really like the design of. One this that is really great is that unlike a lot of the other pallets of this nature it has a little elastic band that you can use to keep the pallet close securely.

Aesthetics: ****

Durability: ****


What you get:

In this pallet you get six shimmer and matte powdered eye shadows as well as 2 cream shades, and surprisingly an actually pretty decent little mini brush. 


Overall i do like this product, but i wouldn't say i am absolutely inlove with it I really like the packaging, the color selection, the little look idea section on the inside,but some of the colors really aren't all the pigmented. The coppery/brown type color on the top right it's really beautiful and pigmented, the bottom cream textured shadows on the bottom left and right are gorgeously pigmented but the lighter colors like the top left cream shade and the pink really don't payoff all that well, they definitely have a much lower color payoff compared to say the stila in the know, in the lights and in the moments pallets but we do also have to consider the price as well this pallet is $22 where as the Stila pallets are $50 here in Canada so keeping that in mind it is still a pretty good pallet. I usually keep it on hand for the upper brown/coppery shade, the black and purple and the creams I would use those as well when I would be going for a look like that.