Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Garnier Belle color Box hair dye Review

Garnier Belle Color Hair Dye Review

Dye your hair yourself, $100.00 or $5.00

I finally colored my hair the other day after having it red for a little while and full of un-colored roots, I colored my hair the last time again myself with the box hair dye.
I have been doing my hair on my own for a while , at first just little things, like cutting my bangs and dying my own hair, but recently i started cutting my full head of hair on my own, into layers, for one it's quicker less time consuming and cheaper which we all love! but back to the point, So the last time i dyed it, it was with the red boxed drug store hair dye, and i was really hesitant, as the last time i had dyed my hair red it was horrendously hard to remove, I had re-colored multiply times had it stripped and re-dyed professionally and even then, i was still able to see the red underneath whatever color i had in the sunlight, but i went ahead with it anyways and that seems to be what has happened this time around.
This time around i got the garnier hair dye in Dark blonde, because i need to get a dark blonde just for it to go light brown with box drug store hair dye, which was what i wanted. All of my roots were colored with the dark blonde, and turned out to be the light brown color that i had imagined, but anywhere the red hair dye was still in, did not change even the slightest.
 I could not notice much difference at all, and it seems anytime i have red hair dye in and go with any blonde the red seems to only stand out more if anything, someone had brought this to my attention in the past and maybe this isn't the case for everyone but definitely for me, it does seem to be the case with any blonde the red may show more, and with any color the red still always seems to show underneath in the sunlight, even this time when it was only a boxed hair dye.
The last time made more sense as it was a bright orange auburn shade, but now i realize for my hair, red is just one of those colors that is extremely difficult re-dye, or change.

So with that being said, I do not think that the Garnier permanent hair dye is necessarily a ''bad'' or ''no good'' hair dye because it was only able to change my roots and natural hair color and not where i had other color,
I think it is a really great formula considering it was able to color my natural hair that light as my natural hair color is nearly black, and it did get my hair very very close to dark blonde. If you see above it shows (like other hair color boxes) the different natural hair colors and how your hair will turn out if your hair is that color, after using the product. The box showed my hair turning out, just brown(shown above) and if you see my roots above and see how my hair actually turned out it was pretty close to the color it should have been if not dead on. My over all review would have to be..
I really think this particular product did an amazing job on my natural hair color, I would say about

Rating *** out of 5 stars OVERALL but if my hair would have been fully natural i would have EASILY given this product a 

***** Star Rating if my hair would have been fully natural, that would have been my rating for sure. 

Because i was really impressed with this one for sure and was impressed with how light it was able to get my hair in the first place.
If you are someone with light to dark hair naturally looking for a dark blonde to light brown, this would be great, because this was one of the few that was able to get my hair that light, and this was only my experience and i think only because the color in my hair was red, and i have had trouble with getting red out of my hair in the past, If my hair was fully natural, or maybe even colored with another shade, I think i would have given a better rating.
The color of my hair above is shown in the sunlight and fully dried. You can also see above what i was talking about, My roots are colored the dark blonde and my pony tail is still red.