Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Okay so this is sort of like the 100 followers giveaway, i have reached 100 followers on bloglovin, so i wanted to do something for that, but not exactly i had a giveaway on, but the only entries are from non-followers, or friends, which wasn't really fair to followers, there were a few that did have valid entries so those will not be thrown away, those entries will remain in the giveaway to win this giveaway! so i decided to try this again only a little different.
I will put up the rafflecopter for a few weeks but, i was also thinking maybe i should do the giveaway and once i reach say 150 or 200 followers via GFC the winner will be drawn what do you guys think?
for now I will just put up the giveaway for a month on rafflecoptor and hope it goes well.
for this time i won't be able to make the giveaway international, because it is really expensive to send outside of canada, but next one.

So I have in this Giveaway the following!!
1.Black and pink Belt, ment to wear high wasted. from bottega Mia Fashion Boutique (where i live)
2.Makeup organizer/makeup bag(case everything is in)
3.Product samples Blush by Mark cosmetics, Anew spf Foundation,(a few different shades), Foundation, anew skin care multi-skin tone corrector, and a case of lipstick samples.
4.Macadamia comb
5.Shimmer pink lip gloss Avon.
6.Black/Brown eyeliner stick.
7.NYC yellow nail polish.
8.two scented Hand sanitizer.
9.Necklace & Earring set.
10. Adorable floral chunky necklace, from fashion city
Follow the rafflecoptor steps to win :)  

a Rafflecopter giveaway