Thursday, May 23, 2013

So Gorgeous for spring or summer, i will post a video tutorial, or just a picture tutorial shortly!
This picture does not belong to me, I found it on google under ''makeup looks for summer'' and i thought it was cute :)
All you will need is:

  • Foundation and concealer.
  • A translucent powder for high-lighting the under eye area, and or high-lighter, and a regular powder for other area you would like to keep powdered on your face.
  • Black eye liquid or gel liner, white liner, shades of green eye shadow, and a white shadow for your tear duct, and some mascara brown or black would do, i feel brown would work with this because it is such a light summery day time look.
  • A light pink blush, or a blush that suits your skin tone.(remember not every blush suits every skin tone.
  • and a Bubble gum pink, or baby pink lipstick, and glossy lip gloss, or a bubble gum/baby pink lip gloss.
  • I find green eye shadows are like purple eye shadows in the sense that, i feel with the write shade the color can suit and eye color and skin tone.
  • Now just apply your makeup and fill in your brows.
For the best hair look for this i would wear my hair down and wavy(like pictures above) or in braids to keep that light summer look.
Good luck, and have fun :)