Saturday, May 25, 2013

Easy nail design for when you think you suck at Nail art.

Perfect simple nail art for when you think you suck with nail art, it is super simple and there are a few ways different ways to create it, so which ever technique you are most comfortable with and which works best for you go for it. 
Different Techniques: using a Dotting tool, or old pen without ink

Things you will need:

  1. White nail polish for your base coat.
  2. about 4 Vibrant bright colors to work with (i wouldn't recommend using darker colors unless you are going to stick to one particular technique, i would would really prefer darker colors i would recommend letting each individual color dry before applying the next, but with doing this you may not give the exact affect that you would have when mixing vibrant bright colors, 
  3. A clear Nail polish, to set your colors once they have dried.
  4. Something to use as a color pallet i use my old Fake nail kit holders i find it is the most suitable and works great, and since there isn't a huge amount of space for each color you don't waste a lot of nail polish.
  5. A dotting tool, or a old pen, or pencil,
  6. a little bowl of water so everything spreads on nicely

    The top picture does not belong to me the rest of the pictures are mine, If you would like to see more posts like this comment below. I have a few dotting tools for sale if you would like to purchase one let me know :)