Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hi Everyone, super excited to start blogging, i am a soon to be a Official Certified Pro-Makeup artist, i have been self-taught up until now. I have always loved makeup and loved how you can just really enhance your natural good looks with makeup lol. since i was young, I started playing in my mommy’s makeup and doing my own makeup at like age 2 (i wasn't any  good of course) lol, as i got a little older (older as in maybe age 8 lol) i started trying to re-create looks from magazines on myself and i would always wonder,”why doesn't it look the same?”duh child you’re 8 lol 
I always new i wanted to be sure to do something that i loved and have my own business with it, and  what i always loved and what i wanted to do over the years always surrounded art, it started out with photography, art and design, i wanted to be a stylist and do something with fashion and it never really dawned on me that ”hey i should be a professional makeup artist” i guess i figured it was something just so natural, and too fun that it never really entered my mind as a job! people in the past have said to me that, makeup is what i should do, but once i discovered it on my own nothing ever felt so right and ”like me”! I know that there are TONS of other beauty gurus out there to learn from, but everybody has their own person that relates best to them, and that they learn best from, and if some of you haven’t found yours yet, or if you are like me and like, seeing the different ways multiple people do makeup then you an never know to much about looking/feeling your best right! :D
I will be posting my favorite looks, re-creating some of mine and your favorite looks, must-have or must-try beauty products, high-end & department store, or just inexpensive products that either we don’t hear of as much that are great, and worth it to order! Re-creating or creating looks for you to either see photos of, or creating them together in a Vlog, I am going to start making tutorials for you to get some tips from, and do some tutorials when we are re-creating looks, that either i find and love or that you guys send me. I want to do a contest soon, like maybe have one of you create an out there look, or re-create a look that i have done for you guys and the best re-creators can win a FREE, Free guys lol Cosmetic/Product gift bag with Mark Cosmetics, and a few other really great ”Must-try” Avon products, and a few other things that i feel are amazing products, i will post pictures shortly of what will be in the gift bag!
P.S Tutorials and fun vlog stuff will be up soon.