Thursday, May 23, 2013

This look is perfect for just about any skin tone, as Black works with any color eye, and burgundy (on lips or eyes)  looks great on pretty much everyone! You will need to complete this look, Face; a good moisturizer,  Concealer (a darker concealer if you have really dark under-eye bags to mask the look of the bags) and a lighter concealer to later brighten this area, a good foundation, if you have a fair skin to a Medium skin tone (like the model model above), i  would go a shade or two lighter to achieve that paleness, although if you have a darker skin tone you can definitely pull this off without being as fair,as this look works for any skin tone! you will also need a matte bronzer. Eyes; (Complete your eyes first! that way you can perfect your skin after working with the black shadows) a good eye primer, a Black eye shadow(Matte), I would use a gel, or even liquid liner, Ultra-long (jumbo size) False Lashes in a Dramatic jet black!, a shimmer white shadow or highlighter for your tear duct, and beneath your brows to brighten up your eyes, Gold cream shimmer eye shadow for above your black eye shadow(although you can skip this step), For your lips use a dark almost but not quite black liner to line your lips, If you would like to go for a more dramatic lip, (although you can do without) and a dark burgundy lipstick.

Step 1: Apply your moisturizer well & evenly on your face, apply a good eye primer on your lids, and all the way up to right beneath your brows.

Step 2: Grab your powder brush and your translucent powder, apply this underneath your eyes in case of any eye shadow fall out, honestly if you are fair skinned even baby powder would do if this is all you have, or any other loose powder because you are only going to be sweeping this off and doing your concealer, and foundation afterwards. now grab your your allover lid brush, or a contouring brush just something to pack the eye shadow on your lid, apply a decent amount of black eye shadow to your lids packing it down, then an angled contour eye shadow brush in a wind shield wiper motion in your crease, try making it thick and dark in this area then blend in your crease, you can use the same brush (your contouring or the brush you used for allover your lids) to drag up over your lid and crease in the circular shape (like seen above) and use your blending brush for no harsh lines, although this look would be just as nice without going above your lid, if that would be too harsh of an eye to go with the lip for you. use a eye liner brush or a smudger brush, to apply the black eye shadow on your lower lash line, smudge  it slightly on the outer corners of your lower lash line to get that really smokey lower eye.

Step 3:Use a highlighter or highlighting colored eye shadow,or a white or cream colored shimmer shadow and apply this on your tear duct, and underneath your eye brows

Step:4 now grab your gel or liquid liner and line your eyes, line the bottom lash line only on the outer corners. Grab your blackest black mascara and apply thick second and even third coats to your top and bottom lashes to add that drama to the eye. Grab a brush or something to add the glue to your jumbo false lashes or if you are using just regular length lashes, grab your glue and put on your false lashes ( just top, or just a few single lashes or cut in half a regular sized lash for your bottom lashes. but you can make do just with your top lashes or your natural lashes your choice! Lastly sweep away the translucent powder or what ever powder you used for any fall out with your fan brush.

Step 5: conceal any dark under-eye circles with a darker concealer to mask and blend with the dark circles (not to dark, close enough to your skin just dark enough to mask the darkness), a lighter concealer will only make these circles stand out more with the contrast from light to dark at this point, conceal any other areas you would like to conceal, Apply foundation to your face and neck with a foundation brush or your finger tips(make sure your finger tips are nice and clean with no other makeup colors on them), Now you can grab a lighter concealer to conceal and now brighten your under-eyes,

Step 6: Powder your nose and T-Zone for a matte finish or anywhere you may look shiny do not powder your entire face to avoid looking cakey, grab your bronzer and add beneath your cheek bone you contour your cheeks, this will also make your face appear slimmer.

Step 7:Highlight and line your cupids bow with a white liner then blend to make your top lip look more pronounced, (this will actually create the illusion of a fuller top lip), line your lips with a dark burgundy liner or almost black liner to really add drama to the lip, and apply your burgundy lip color and your makeup is complete!

Have fun enhancing your beauty! Good luck ;)