Friday, June 7, 2013

Low priced drugstore makeup

1.The Avon Super Extend infinitize Mascara This Is how the Mascara Looks on, I purchase this one for 5.99 ( before tax) It comes in a Orange tube, Wrapped in black, also the wand is really different i haven't seen one like this one before, it is a curved tipped wand but the bristles are longer on the end, then super tiny,  a little bigger then at the tip they get thicker but not quite as long i think this really helps for mascara to not clump on your lashes at all, so the wand has the benefits of the curved wand, and it seem as though the way the bristles are shaped it resembles and sort of forms to your lashes , if that makes sense, the formula it's self seems more liquid but i find with a lot of mascaras that are more liquid  help with length but they don't leave them as thick at least for my lashes. This mascara is not the same, i find the liquid texture helps with length, and the way the bristles are helps spread of my lashes, and really helps them look thicker.I got mine in the color Brown/Black (ignore the unfinished eyeliner lol, it was just to show the Mascara ;) Everything i got here Besides the Avon mascara was actually from wal mart I've noticed these already great priced products are even cheaper there, why would you pay more for the same stuff?, the beauty of good ol Walmart check out Revlons photoready line while you're there too i think it's a good dupe for Makeup forever's HD line, But if you always prefer to go high-end sometimes with brands like Makeup forever you can't beat, if you live in canada in a spot where there is no Sephora like i do, and have to order online, if you were going to be shopping soon, you can use the coupon code BEPRIME, Free Bare Escentuals eyelid primer with any order which is pretty cool, or you can use the coupon code FAVEMINI, for Free deluxe samples with $25+ purchase so if you are a beauty blogger, you will have some extra things to review, haul, and swatch.  (Sephora HD Line on full Sephora website)  if you do order and use the coupon codes and do a write-up on the products send me a link and i would like to share it on my page, for you :)
Hope you enjoy ladies, I will include a few more places you can find these think below :)

2.Maybelline expert wear eyeshadow. got some maybelline pallets and i have been wearing the light colors for day, like everyday the seem pretty pigmented when i apply these colors on my eyes, but when i was doing a swatch of the darker colors it was actually quite a few dips on to get to show the  color although that could have been because makeup doesn't stick to my arm as well, once i applied a primer it went on a lot nicer. I fend these to be really great for beginners as well because they actually have it written in the shadow, which color they would recommend for your base, lid, crease, and liner they are super cute and i got mine around 4$ after taxes at Wal-mart which is always good :) I did get them at a sale, even though on the Maybelline website they are considered NEW so originally they are about $6.25 on the Maybelline website. I got the Opal Lights one and the Amethyst Smokes.

Just sweep the brush x4:
1. Apply base color 
2. Sweep shade on lid 
3. Contour crease and blend 
4. Line around eye

3.Kiss Ever Pro Lashes.These False lashes are new, i haven`t seen them before, they are super thick, so if you are someone who doesn`t like a super full lash, in fear of them looking fake they may not be for you although i posted a pic with them on below, so if you don't find them to be too thick you may actually really like them,  like for myself for example i may cut them in half because when i applied them the first time they seemed a little too thick for me but the lash itself look really natural in pictures, when i look at the pictures with them on they do actually look really natural, the first time i applied them i wasn't too sure but in pictures they look fantastic and if you like really thick lashes you will probably love these also, they come with little tweezers as well for you to apply them, as you can see, and also if you don`t buy lashes often, and you just pick them up on occasion you will need to have your own glue, which if you are someone who uses false lashes regularly then you probably do have some, if not kiss sells the glue separately, they recommend you get the kiss glue, but of course they will want you too, i just used the lash glue i had at home.

Me with my Kiss ever pro lashes on above.
4.Maybelline Master Precise liquid Eyeliner.I really like this eyeliner, it is literally like applying your eyeliner with a sharpy ;) It is super pigmented, and lasts a really long time i did a swatch of it on my arm, and wanted to see how long it would last, and just washing normal, i didn't really scrub at it, because if i were to really try to get it off, it would come off but just trying to leave it on and washing normal it lasted on my arm for 5 days i was taking pictures though out the process that i will post very soon.

5. Spa Resource Pro-series I love these brushes they are so soft i will do a review and give a little more info and maybe post some eye looks that I've used the brushes for i got a eye smudge brush and a blending brush i love them both, loose hair hasn`t been falling off of them so far so good anyways, i would definitely buy this brand again.
6. Physician Formula Youth Wear Foundation I had wanted to try out the physicians formula foundation I was looking for a new good one to love, and i herd someone recommending it, and because it was priced so well, i decided to pick it up, i am telling you such a good purchase I am not sure if it is the new primer i had got at the same time as this foundation either way i love this foundation and the primer, it goes on my skin nicely it has a really good coverage and it super matte like i really don't even need powder after using this, It even comes with a little foundation brush the actual brush and bristles are the same size as a regular foundation brush that you would buy, but the handle is a little shorter and for the price of the foundation with the fact that you get a brush with it, it is pretty awesome like i don't think you are paying more because you get the brush with it because it is priced so well, I would definitely recommend this to someone and would buy it again, it is a ''Youth-Boosting'' Foundation but it is great for us younger girls too as i am only 20 and love it.  I am going to do full review on everything or if anyone would like a review specifically let me know :)

 7. Make-Offs Cosmetic Sponges I got some Cosmetic sponges i really love these they blend your foundation super well, and i think i am going to start picking these up on a regular basis, you get 8 sponges they are multi-purposed, and really you can use one for a while because you can just clean them so the 8 will last me a while it seems.
8.NYC Minute Quick dry in yellow & blue and Wet n Wild Shine in White Now for nails I got the NYC Polishes to do nail art with, and got the Wet n Wild White nail polish to use as a base, i did a look the other day on my fake nails and the color for all does come out the way they look but i would say after a few coats. For the NYC i only got to try them for a splatter nail look so everything i was doing with them was pretty thick so i wasn't really able to tell if they would be super pigmented, and as for the Wet n Wild in white after a few coats the color is great, it does not flake but for me i feel like it didn't flake because it is almost rubbery like i feel like it never fully drys, maybe because i had so many coats on or something i will do my nails with it and do some swatches for each color and maybe a video to show you what i mean.
9.Hard Candy Sheer Envy skin perfecting Face primer. I ended up getting this one instead of the Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting primer because i have herd good things about this one and the price was amazing and since this haul was supposed to be for really great priced stuff  i decided to give this one a try this time around, the revlon one is still a good price but a more expensive one for a drug-store brand, so i will go for the Revlon PhotoReady perfecting primer next trip, i think then i will pick up the whole collection and give my opinion on the line but as for this primer i like it a lot and for the price you can't go wrong.
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