Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Macadamia Oil Hair Care Product Review 

Okay so the next product or brand i have a little bit of a mixed review on, i received in my Macadamia kit starting from the left the shampoo which i have been using as my regular shampoo, the famous Macadamia repair Masque and the no tangle heat protector 

1.I first used the Macadamia Shampoo

 I received my Macadamia oil treatment kit close to a month ago i only used the masque once and noticed a MASSIVE difference. I  used the spray once but wouldn't say i totally got the full effect because i didn't get to use it when i was supposed to use it, but i will add the full review on that when i get the chance to get a good use of it , so i'll start with the shampoo. I took a shower using the the macadamia shampoo was pretty great i would say my hair doesn't react well to a lot of products that are supposed to be really amazing and even just regular shampoos don't do for my hair what some of the shampoos that do react well with my hair can do, so during my shower i used NO conditioner because i only wanted the full effect and result of Macadamia only i didn't want another product in there mixing and interrupting it or the smell of my hair, 

This was honestly the first time IN EVER that i have been able to jump out of the shower with only washing my hair with shampoo and shampoo only normally even if i want to only use shampoo because i am in a hurry, or for whatever reason [normally i don't want to just use shampoo anyways lol]  it is just not possible because my hair almost feels sticky or just not nice and soft but this time i was actually able to use just shampoo and it was still soft i don't know if i would 100% say it was better or just as good as using conditioner but for my hair i usually cannot even use JUST shampoo so i was pretty impressed with that alone and i think was able to pretty much forget that it didn't make my hair smell amazing which i didn't really notice from the first use anyways.
I did notice from the first use that i didn't need a lot at all, the bottle is super tiny and it didn't seem very full either so to save i wanted to just use a little and see how little i needed i would say all i really needed was about the size of a loonie or toonie [Canadian] which is super super little for my hair considering it is pretty long and thick, i applied and it was surely enough.

The one not so good thing about this product is it didn't really smell as good as some other shampoos like the scent wasn't a very strong ''good smell'' nor did it smell bad it seemed as though it was supposed to smell good but when i am applying it to my hair i don't smell like a super yummy scent it is more like a toilette body mist spray or something but i can't point my finger on what exact scent it is but it definitely reminds me of a body mist in the bottle and not so much a yummy smelling one, i don't want to say this because maybe it is just mine but it almost smelled musty i am not sure what is wrong with mine because there is so many positive reviews on this product that i want to believe it is only just mine, 
The other thing i noticed and i am not sure if this would be bad or good is well first off i will say it does make my hair super soft and nice after the first use i did think that it was overly soft and shiny like i thought it was incredibly soft especially without using conditioner and at this point i had used the masque my hair was super soft and shiny but not as much bounce and fullness and usual but this could have been do to the fact that i didn't use conditioner which like i said is amazing in itself, after that first use it could have been twice in a row that i used it at this point i went back to using just regular shampoo which at this time was head and shoulders [because my boyfriend and I were sharing and apparently head and shoulders is unisex]
I noticed my hair just was NOT nice like it was just not soft i just don't even know what exactly was wrong with it but it was just not co-operating for the whole week or so that i was using regular head and shoulders i can barely do anything with it to make it look good it it seemed dry and greasy at the same time it just wasn't flowing right it just didn't look like my best hair days, I went back to using the Macadamia because i knew how soft and luxurious ha! it was when i was using it and surly the day i went back my hair was soft and pretty much back to good hair days it was like my hair needed it, so i am not sure whether or not to take this as a good or bad thing on one side of things okay my hair is back to being nice but since Macadamia is so expensive it is 21.00 for a 10.0 oz bottle on the Ulta website but they also have a ''special free gift with purchase'' on right now if anyone is interested but anyways since it is so expensive and i don't even think i can just go pick up Macadamia anywhere where i live, i think i would have to order and i don't want to always have to order my shampoo and for 21.00 but what i was saying was i am not sure if as soon as i stop using it my hair is going to go all un-cooperative again, so i am not sure whether to see my hair liking it so much as a pro or con because yeah it is great it is nice for now but when i run out it is hard to get i don't want my hair to ''need'' it afterwards and start going bad because there was nothing much wrong with my hair before i started using it, but my hair likes it so!

But overall i have been using the Macadamia as my regular go to shampoo and my hair has been loving it a lot it seems like other shampoos are just not comparing to it at the moment, the only con is that it doesn't leave my hair smelling amazing which is something that i really like and look for in my my shampoo i love jumping into bed and knowing my Booboo is noticing how awesome i smell ;) I love this one a lot but i am not sure if it is as good as my Pantine but a very close second if it smelled great it would be just as good or better.

2. The Famous Macadamia Hair Masque 

Okay so i used the Masque the first time the same day i used the Shampoo right after i jumped out of the shower like i said above i did not use conditioner i just used the brands shampoo and then added a little of their spray not reading the bottle :S and then started applying the repair masque. I started applying from root to tip on my wet hair using the comb i received. I left it in for a little over the amount of time suggested it was super easy to apply i later rinsed and as my hair started to dry i can already feel a huge difference just after the first use. I knew it was strong as it tells you on the bottle to only use once and a while i believe it said no more than twice a week, and just in that first use i can feel my hair being a lot softer while damp it felt like i used a really great conditioner when the fact was i never used any at all. When it dried i can tell my hair felt different more soft and shiny but not as full and volatilized as it can be but for a great nourishing hair product to have that really soft and shiny hair this product is definitely for you. 
3. The third product i used but like i said i don't feel as though i can give you a solid review once i am able to fully review it i will update this post. 

Also has anyone else tried the shampoo? 
what do you think it smells like i don't want to give a negative review just in case it was only mine and it actually smells great :) 

You can purchase all of at Ulta website or Amazon 
The picture above was from the The pretty vein Giveaway Hosted by Amy that i won. Thanks Amy

  Love Kat xox