Monday, October 7, 2013

BA STAR Apricot star dust Review swatches, and video using the product

Hey Everyone, So i'm back with another Review for you guys I recently just got the BA STAR Apricot Star dust mineral makeup, I used it in my ''no makeup'' Minimal makeup transformation video I just posted the other day, i will link the video below if you would like to check that out and see how the shadow looks on me particularly. The  brand Specifically builds their line catering  towards Cheerleaders, Dancers, Competitors, and trendsetters is the description they give, it's actually the #1 brand these girls go for, definitely for their high pigments, and shimmer I think! 
I did a swatch for you guys to give you an idea of the way it looks, also the video i just posted the ''A 'no makeup' makeup tutorial and minimal makeup transformation video i was using this as my all over lid color, which i will post here as well.

Video Using This product: please click and watch from youtube :D also if you enjoyed this video and wanted to see more or had any requests leave a comment here or on the youtube comment section :D


As a Mineral makeup i think it is definitely a better one, a lot of my mineral makeup as i open it will just blow all over everything, this will only spill if you are having a clumsy day, and you happen to drop it or something when opening. The Consistency isn't as loose as say a translucent powder for example  the only way it will all go to waste is if YOU spill it or drop it, or some how loose control then it might spill as it is a mineral textured eye shadow.

  • Mica-Group Minerals, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Iron Oxide(Fe304)
  • FD&C red No. 40 Red iron oxide, FD&C yellow No.5 Ultr marine blue,
  • black iron oxide, manganese violet

So I am really a big sucker for cute packaging a lot of the time the packaging in itself will make me want to purchase something, like oh that brand has cute packaging lets buy some! :D
along with cute we need durable packaging something that isn't going to break or waste the makeup the first time it gets thrown in our purse or travel bag, we all hate when we put our favorite high-end lip gloss in our bag and every speck of dust in our bag is in the rim, so i decided to cover a packaging segment in every review from now on, because it most cases it is equally important, 

So for this one i think the packaging is super durable it is in a 5 oz jar, has a screw on lid, which screws on very tight, i really could not see it opening up in your makeup bag or purse. Underneath the screw on lid it has a plastic piece, with a little sticker on top cover four holes, you can either leave this stick on and just take off the plastic piece every time you use it, which will keep the jar pretty clean, or you can remove the sticker and just access the eye shadow, like a translucent powder. Opening the product this way, you will have less of a chance to spill when using. so for durability i think it is a great design and has the potential to last.

Now Cuteness, You can see the jar above so i guess you can make that assumption yourself, it is a very classic design, clear jar black rimmed lid, with their adorable BA star logo on top!

I also got their base, which i think would be great for just any other sparkle you have at home or with any other BA star product. I know a lot of girls use lip gloss, chap stick and things like that for a good stick with their sparkle but this base has an amazing stick, this particular eye shadow doesn't necessarily need a super sticky base, i have been just using it with any base because it isn't just sparkles, it is just a really great ultra shimmer eye shadow, but the base on it's own is a great stick base for when you are applying any lid sparkles!

This particular eye shadow costs $8.75
The BA star glue-liquid Base costs $8.75 as well.

Hope you got some information you were looking for, if you were interested in knowing anything else about this particular product, or about the brand comment below or check out their website, to give the product a try for yourself.
If you do give anything a try comment below how you liked it!