Saturday, December 14, 2013



So i have been nominated 3 times now so i thought i would finally get around to answering the questions.
The liebster award is an award given out to the best blogs (in the nominators opinion) with under 200 GFC followers. The purpose is to network, give new great blogs the chance for extra exposure, as well as finding new blogs to follow and love etc.

First nomination was from: Nancy at and her questions were....

 1. What product would you love to try?

I would like to try the Bobbi brown Old Hollywood Eye Palette but it is like 87$ for like 9 shade which seems a little steep.

2. What is your favourite drugstore product?

Fave drug store product currently would probably be the Wet and wild pallet shown below.

3. What is your favourite high-end product?

Fave high end product currently would probably be my Clinique stay matte foundation,
or lancome gloss inlove lipgloss.

4. What is the one thing you wouldn't leave the house without wearing on your face?

I always end up multi-tasking and doing my makeup at school.

5. One talent? 

hmm.. I picked up design quite easily, and my boyfriend says massaging lol

6. How has your summer been?

Really nice i think, i spent all summer in a hotel in a really pretty little town with a lake with my boyfriend he was working there,

7. What phone do you currently have?

 HTC and hate it

8. Favourite book?

hhm, Telling christina goodbye, to be honest i haven't read to many books lately i mostly read blogs and articles things like that. anything true, i like reading real info unless the fiction is really amazing. I think i just haven't gotten around to it, and that needs to change.

9. Favourite blog?

 hmm... I like a lot but i will say the beauty department but that's a hard one

10. What is your pets name? 

If you don't have a pet, what animal would you get and what would you name it? I would get a golden retriever his name would be like a person name lol.

11. What do you like most about yourself?

I'm a big dreamer.

Second nomination was from: Courtney at and her questions were...

  1. What would your dream house look like? I have always imagined building and designing my own house, like there are a lot of details, that would take too long to type out lol but it would be very modern i think
  2. When is your birthday? Feb.1/1993
  3. What is your most worn accessory? My pearl earrings and my turquoise bag which i am having difficulties reading the brand name, it is a Canadian designer.
  4. What is your favourite thing to do in Summer? Late night bomb fire, camping, boating,swimming camp activities
  5. What are you most proud of? If we are talking about my blog, then i am most proud of getting on the ''Top 48 Cosmetics and Beauty Blogs list, which Michelle Phan and some other big vlogger and bloggers were on, who have been doing this for years, so i was pretty proud of that.
  6. Do you have a favourite perfume you wear ALL the time?Not really i mix it up
  7. What is your best memory? Waking up Christmas mornings
  8. What was your first car, or a car you would love to have?  I would love to have a audi quattro 2010
  9. Cats or Dogs?Dogs
  10. What subjects did you take for your GCSE'S?We don't have that here in Canada
  11. What is your favourite eye makeup product? Currently my stila Masterpiece series eye and cheek pallets

Next questions are from Sara @ Sara's Cafe:

1) Do you like reading and if so what genre/s do you usually go for? 

I need to start reading more, but normally i just read blogs, Magazines, research, I enjoy true stories, something where i am actually learning something. 

2) Do you consider yourself as more of a "wing it" kind of person or do you like to have everything planned?

 it depends on what we're talking about lol

3) What is the biggest accomplishment you have reached so far? 

In what, with my blog, with my life, in school? This is a big question so i will answer with my blog. I think one of the biggest accomplishments for my blog was when, I was awarded one of the Top Beauty and Cosmetic Blogs on the Internet by

4) What inspires you and motivates you to continue blogging? 

I love it

5) Why do you blog? Is there a climax you wish to reach one day or do you think one day at a time? 

There is a climax i which to reach but it won't be like okay here is my goal, now stop, i will always having a higher goal.

6) What was your favourite toy as a child and do you still have it? 

I loved my big springy pony thing, lol and my pink four wheeler and no i still own neither. 

7) What is one thing that you cannot live without? 

There is deff more than one thing does this mean like beauty related or one thing period? if one thing period, there are a lot of things

8) If you had to be a book or movie character for a day which one would you choose?

 hmm I have real people i would love to be for a day instead of fictional, like maybe Kim Kardashian or someone lol, or bobbi Brown because she has accomplished the things i am working towards.

9) Which is your favourite movie or series? 

Oh my these are hard questions i have quite a few, it always changes i like the star wars movies lol like the new ones i like the last air bender nerdy movies lol.

10) What do you think makes your blog worth reading? 

I am a soon to be makeup artist, and i am always trying to learn new things myself to share this readers, i always like to have valuable useful information.

11) Which, in your opinion, is your strongest point? (It could be from your character, appearance, etc)

 I think it would be wrong to say appearance lol, so character.

And now my questions are....You can choose the set of questions you wish to answer!

1. What attracts you most to a blog?
2.Who is your favorite youtuber and why?
3.What is a beauty product, you would not recommend to a friend?
4. A beauty product you would recommend to a friend? 
5.Who is your favorite funny youtuber?
6.Who is your beauty Inspiration or role model?
7. Is there anyone who inspires you, and who maybe has done the things you wish to achieve, anyone who you can say "wow she has achieved everything i hope to achieve. At least i know its possible" Career wise.
8.What is your dream career?
9.What do you plan to do for a career in the future/what are you going to school for, or aiming for? or if you are already in your career what do you do?
10. Did you choose a career that you are extremely passionate about, or did you choose something that you know seems to be a good job?
11.What inspired you to start your blog?

1.What is one beauty product that has been a "go to" product for you, for quite some time?
2.If you can have one thing that you don't own, Right now!! what would it be?
3.Name one main thing that you are hoping to get for a holiday present? (Christmas Hanukkah Kwanzaa)
4.Is there anything that you are excited for, and if so what is it?
5.What is a big dream of yours?
6.What makes you motivated to write your blog
7.Favorite season?
8.What is your dream job
9.What are you going to school for?
10.Whats in your carry with you makeup bag?
11.What attracts you to a blog?

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