Saturday, June 22, 2013

MAKEUP for men

Tom Ford’s New Grooming Collection Sounds Very Much Like Man Makeup.

Now that men can buy crop tops and walk for womenswear, it seems the sartorial gender gap is finally being bridged. But so far there’s been something missing. No longer thanks to Tom Ford, who has designed a range of
makeuphigh-performance grooming products for guys.
The line is launching this fall (November in the U.S.) and will consist of six high-performanceskincare products plus two grooming ones to correct flaws and instantly improve the appearance of the skin. The former are products men will probably be familiar with, though the price points might be a little out of most guys’ comfort zone. There’s a facial cleanser for $48, while the most expensive item in the line is the $150 Skin Revitalizing Concentrate.
What men might not be so familiar with are the “products with cosmetic benefits to be used in a very masculine way.” These include a concealer and a water-based bronzing gel. Ford himself uses bronzer every day to feign a post-tennis match glow.
Totally sounds like makeup for dudes to us, but if it keeps their fingers out of our concealer pots then we’re all for equality in the beauty department. At these prices though, guys might want to keep them out of our sight for more than just modesty purposes.
by Hannah Ongley