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Three great long lasting lipsticks

Three Great Long lasting Lipsticks 

Facegoop: bright lipstick
If you're not careful with bright colours, you can end up looking like a vampire who's been gorging on blood Photograph: Facegoop
M: E, you know I favor bright lipsticks. Even more so now that I go swing dancing 15 times a week. The bright lip. It is essential.
E: As essential as the full Brooklyn beard on the gentlemen.
M: However if you are not careful, you end up looking like a vampire who has been gorging on blood. Lipstick all over the face. Pale ring of nastiness on your lips where it's disappeared.
E: Dude, are you sure you're doing this "dancing" thing right? Why does it involve smearing your face on people?

 It is all perfectly legit. But the lipstick needs to be long-lasting.
E: You are licking beards, aren't you?
M: NO. Shall I tell you about my current favorites?

E: Do, please.
Facegoop's favourite long lasting lipsticks
Apply to your lips, not your dance partner's beard.
M: First, Laura Mercier lip stain. Mine is called Mulberry and it is a sort of dark berry colour. And when I say "mine", I mean "I stole it from my flatmate".
E: Ha! I wondered where you were getting your sweaty fists on Laura Mercier cash.
M: You can tell how much I love it by how bashed the pot is. It's a very long-lasting stain and the beauty of it is that it's freakishly moisturising. HOW DOES THAT WORK?
E: That's FBI classified information, madam. Code black, need-to-know basis.
M: Laura Mercier would have to kill us if we knew
Pot of Laura Mercier Lip Stain in Mulberry

E: She totally would. Let's move on to less mortally dangerous lip colours please, M.
M: My second option is a double-pronged affair. I start by colouring in my lips with a Rimmel marker pen. It smells of fruit.
E: I hate those pens. I tried one on your urging and it desiccated my lips to the texture of Ramesses II's mummified scalp. Just Bitten. Ow. See, that is not a selling point to me.
M: Yeah. See what I mean about the vampires. To compound the weirdness, mine is called something ridiculous like Passion, I think. A sort of bright pink.
E: Beard passion.
M: Shhh. So I colour my lips in, being careful to not go over the lines, lest the teacher scold me. Then I apply a layer of Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in shade 22: a matte, bright pink-red. And the magic of this two-stage thingy is that when the lipstick wears off, you are still left with bright colour on your lips! WOOP. I am pretty proud of my trick. EVERYBODY SHOULD BE DOING IT.
E: Everybody … except me. You know what a lip-coward I am. I want to try this, but I don't dare.
M: You are pathetic. I'm wondering whether to even tell you about the third lipstick.

 It's OK, I can take it.
M: It might scare you away.
E: I am doing my yoga breathing. I can do this. Come on, flood me with lip colour.
M: Shiseido. Perfect Rouge, it is called, in shade RD 514, which has the added bonus of making it sound like an experiment. It is a proper red: deep and rich. It is very good quality. Moisturising, long-lasting, unique, light-reflecting colour. I am convinced it's Shiseido.
E: Nice. I am glad you are out there doing colour. I can live vicariously through you, like a lipstick Miss Havisham.
M: You need to try it. It will brighten your life.
E: M, you have convinced me. I am going to try, but you are not to laugh when I look like a sad bowl of porridge with some jam in it.
M: Be brave. You suit bright colours, with your pale complexion. And we're back to vampires again.

E: *Shimmers*

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