Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Shopcade wish list!

Have any of you guys discovered shopcade yet? If not, and you are looking to cover your shopping list from different brands in one place, and only want to have to deal with the shipping process once. You will probably be excited to discover this website. I'm happy i did, it is literally one of those websites where you can spend forever on like a kid in a candy shop even though you found what you wanted 20 minutes ago, I felt like a had a personal shopper who knows everything i like or want, even things I didn't know i wanted yet, my perfect electronic shopper;)It helps keep you quite organized as well how it works is you have a shop, want, and tag a friend list and you can also place items in a list you created you self. In your want list section you have 4 categories. The things you want, things i own, things i love,gifts i want. A perfect organized place to make you christmas list then discreetly post your list on facebook for friends and family ;) Then with the lists you create you can neatly organize everything in categories like "this weeks pay cheque" next weeks pay cheque" "list to ask mom for" lol. In your tag a friend section you click the "tag a friend", insert friends name and the item is posted to your friends facebook so now we can be personally shopping for our friends and hopefully have them do the same favour for us. Last category is the best part "shop now" which is getting in now :D It is so perfect for when we see the perfect jacket but can't afford it this week shopcade remembers and saves it for us. It is just super convenient and organized my favourite part is the gift section ;) the perfect idea to just post to our love ones, and sit back and have know one wondering what to get us for birthdays and special occasions. We have our list posted :) If you want to check it out for yourself here is the website click to visit  and you can see my wish list above, if you have tried anything already or have anything your see in my list comment and let me know what you think of it.(*)