Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Seacret Cleanser & Toner

Seacret Cleanser & Toner. 


I got to try out the Seacret skin care and Spa product line recently, Seacret is a skin care and Spa product Company and what is interesting and makes them different is their products actually come from dead sea minerals. I got a few products to try out which i will get into the rest later, but for now i am just mentioning the Cleanser and toner. I am telling you for even a short amount of time using these products they really seem to work. After using the exfoliator or the mask once your skin is literally like baby soft i couldn't stop telling my boyfriend to touch my face and skin, but i will get into the exfoliator and mask soon enough so stay tuned for that.

As for the Cleanser same thing you noticeably feel you skin appearing softer after using. I applied the cleanser left it on for a little while just while i brush my teeth or do other things, just to really allow it to soak into my pores after rinsing off well, I then apply the toner with a cotton ball shortly after, and once your face drys you will notice the difference just with how soft your skin feels to the touch, the cleanser goes for 44.95 retail currently on the Seacret website <--There to visit and as for the Toner is goes for $49.95  
Overall Great product and it is definitely worth giving a try if you have tried this product comment below and let me know 
what you think. Also stay tuned for reviews on more seacret products coming shortly. 
You can find these products online at the web address above, and by Seacret agents which is a pretty awesome job title i may add. If you are not super familiar with finding skin care products that are best for you and your skin and when you start looking for skin care you start to feel totally lost and overwhelmed, another thing that is pretty great is that when you are looking into trying the line, you get to speak with a Seacret skin care specialist, to work with you and help you find the right products for you. Your job is to tell them your skin concerns and your Seacret skin care specialist will do the rest    (*)
Also check out this video it is really great with just letting you know about the products and teaches you how to use them and things like that.

Video uploaded by: Artatess93